Bringing hope to families

HOPE: WRCCC brings hope to families who can return to the workforce or school knowing their children are in a safe, loving, educationally challenging environment. Their children are being prepared with the soft skills, academics and self-confidence needed to succeed in elementary school and the rest of their lives.

VALUES: The center teaches children about character and the value of honesty, kindness, sharing, love of family and community. Students in the three oldest classes are introduced to Bible stories by a volunteer, who also ties countries that make up the Holy Lands to the daily news and stories that appear throughout Western literature

SUCCESS: Parents leave for work or school knowing that not only are their children safe but they are also in a loving, educationally challenging program that will jumpstart their children to enter kindergarten with important soft skills, academic skills, and the confidence that they can succeed.

What makes us unique
Three Star Ranking

Tennessee three-star rating

The center is licensed by the State of Tennessee with the highest score on the Three-Star Rating system and has achieved this rating since inception of the program in 2001. Offerings include full–time care, year-round high-quality education for children 12 months to 5 years, Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Christian Atmosphere

WRCCC is unique for its Christian atmosphere with a Three-Star Ranking; its colorful, clean, word-rich environment; the educational level and the length of tenure of our teachers; our kindergarten readiness program with a distinct focus on literacy; a year-round program, five days per week.

Summer Enrichment

Our eight-week theme-based Summer Enrichment Program, designed to enrich, expand, and retain learning from the previous year (with visits from farm animals; visits from Metro police and fire departments; special events every Friday; evening cook-outs for families; weekend field trips).

Food Program Participation

Wayne Reed child care families participate in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP), which is open to all eligible families regardless of race, color, national origin.

Wayne Reed offers parent partnering between families at the center and families at Otter Creek Church of Christ. In addition, medical professionals offer seminars on healthy eating, common health problems and the developmental stages of young children. IRS help is also offered by professionals.

Our health department rating of our kitchen; our weekly menus, our safety regulations can be viewed on our large bulletin board at our facillity.

Speech Therapy

WRCCC has a volunteer speech therapist available on site.


Onsite Spanish teacher introduces Spanish to three- and four-year-old children.

Performing Arts

A volunteer from Tennessee Performing Arts Center comes on Fridays to provide music and introduce children to a new instruments.

United Way

As a partner of United Way (Read to Succeed), the center offers a lending library which is available to children and parents to check books out and read to their children.


From age two, children are introduced to computers, where they can use programs that teach vocabulary and math in age-appropriate ways.

Our Volunteers

Our enormous year-round volunteer base is the envy of every other preschool. Professional men and women come as Lunch Buddies to sit, eat, and talk with children. Others come for Talking with Toddlers, to expand vocabulary and promote conversational interaction with adults.

Additional Parental Opportunities

The center also holds opportunities such as occasional mandatory meetings with the Rape and Sexual Abuse Center. Volunteer lawyers assist with legal questions. Business professionals also offer help with resume development and information on how to dress and how to act in an interview.

For more information about upcoming opportunities, contact Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center at (800) 222-3333.